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WorqHat AI provides API access to our Large Language and Image Models. Our models power text generation, product & content serches and comprehension features in thousands of live applications.

Transform your products with AI

WorqHat's models power interactive chat features, generate text & images for product descriptions, blog posts, and articles, analyse large Contents and Images for Security and capture the meaning of text for search, content moderation, and intent recognition.

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Make progress more effortlessly.

It's never been easier to make progress with AI. Implement complex AI and Automation Features in less than 6 lines of Code.

You're in control.

All of your stats and usage logs are displayed in an easy to understand dashboard. Make decisions with confidence. What's more add feedback on every API call to improve the model. Our models learn from what you teach them, and the models tend to improve over time, improving the quality of your results based on Scores.

Security and Privacy First.

We take security and privacy very seriously. We have built our systems to be unique to every organisation from the ground up and we do not share any data with any third party. What's more, even the models that are fine-tuned based on your usage history is unique to your organisation and is not shared with any other organisation.

Dedicated Support

We are here to support you every step of the way. We can help you with everything from model selection to fine-tuning and deployment and even with AI Implementations.

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WorqHat AI is a suite of APIs that powers our products and services. Our APIs are fast, simple, and scalable, so you can stay focused on building great products. LLM Academy offers an approachable and structured curriculum to get you speaking our language.

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Text Generation V2

Fine-tuned to conduct natural conversation. Use this model to build and customize your own applications for Conversations. Can handle all Text Activities but ideal for text tasks that require back-and-forth interactions.

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1.2K 622


Text Generation V3

Fine-tuned to follow natural language instructions and is suitable for a variety of language tasks, such as: classification, extraction, summarization and content generation. It's Text Gen V2 but more powerful.💪🏻

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1.6K 415


AiCon V2 Large New

The Larger Text Generation Model of AiCon V2 that is Customized and cna be Fine-Tuned to follow natural language instructions and is suitable for Enterprise level language tasks that are dependent on a large amount of Organization Data and Content.

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1.6K 415


AiCon V2 2023 ALPHA

With this new Alpha Channel Model of AiCon V2 is trained on the Data upto May 2023 which makes it relatively upto date and more accurate than the previous versions of AiCon.

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1.6K 415


Search V2

A neural network that enables users to add advanced search mechanisms that can take into account the spelling errors and partial words while enabling search.

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0.7K 98


Search V3

A neural network that enables users to add advanced search mechanisms that can take into account the context of the Dataset, the meanings of the words of the Customers and find all the closest relatives to the Questions asked. It's Search V2 but more powerful.💪🏻

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1.9K 344


Image Generation V2

A neural network that adds additional control to text-to-image diffusion models. It learns task-specific conditions in an end-to-end way and the learning is robust even when the training dataset is small.

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1K 116


Image Generation V3

Our most advanced and cutting-edge image model yet, with over 150 times better image quality compared to our previous models. Create Images with near-optimal point between complexity reduction and detail preservation, greatly boosting visual fidelity

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1.2K 148


Image to Image V2

Use an Image as an input to generate a new image with specific variations and styles. This model is trained on a variety of images and can generate images with a variety of styles and variations. It does not require per example fine-tuning or inversion, the model edits images quickly, in a matter of seconds.

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500 26


Image to Image V3

Use the ImageCon V3 model to modify existing images, creating new variations of the original image. You can either choose the guide the model by providing a textual description of the image you want to create, or you can let the model generate a random image based on the original image.

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1.3K 265


Image Upscale V3 New

The Image Upscaling API is the latest addition to WorqHat AI’s existing set of image generation and editing APIs, like the popular text-to-image and image-to-image APIs. Upscaling adds to those popular tools by expanding small images into larger ones while maintaining – or even improving – their level of detail.

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400 26


Image Analyser V2 New

Enable the identification of objects, scenes, actions, and concepts present in a given photograph. Get insights into image properties, including color attributes and visual qualities like sharpness, brightness, and contrast. You can extract valuable information from images, opening up a wide range of applications in various domains.

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287 34


Face Analysis V2 New

WorqHat AI empowers users to perform comprehensive face analysis, extracting key facial attributes through Position Landmarks. It provides a confidence score indicating the likelihood of a face being detected, along with detailed information about the facial attributes identified in the image.

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244 30


Face Comparison V2 New

This face comparison system takes an input image and predicts whether it matches any face in a provided database. The system is built to compare faces irrespective of variations in expression, facial hair, and age. For instance, a face detection system may identify a region as a face with a confidence score of 90% while assigning a confidence score of 60% to another region.

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365 58


Identify Text in Image V2 New

An advanced text detection and extraction capability that allows you to uncover machine-readable text from images. One of the key applications is Visual Search. By leveraging the detected text in images, you can retrieve and display visually similar images that contain the same or similar textual content. This opens up avenues for enhanced search experiences, recommendation systems, and content discovery.

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299 65


PDF Extraction New

A machine learning (ML) model that automatically extracts text, handwriting, and data from scanned documents. It goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables. You can quickly automate document processing and act on the information extracted, whether you’re automating loans processing or extracting information from invoices and receipts.

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347 14


Web Content Extraction New

ML algorithms to analyze the structure and content of web pages. It uses processing techniques to understand the semantic meaning of the text and the relationship between different elements and identify important elements such as headlines, paragraphs, images, and tables and extract them into a structured format such as JSON. It can also clean and normalize the extracted data to make it easier to analyze and process.

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287 25


Speech to Text V2 New

We're introducing SpeechAI, a state-of-the-art speech recognition model trained on 850K hours of audio data that achieves near human-level performance and robustness across a variety of data.By integrating convolutional layers into the Transformer architecture, the model can capture both local and global dependencies while being a relatively size-efficient neural net architecture thus enabling users to run it directly in their clients.

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56 8


Content Moderation V2

Based on the AiCon V2 model to analyze text and classify it based on whether it contains content that is sexual, hateful, violent, or promotes self-harm. The algorithm analyzes the input and assigns it a probability score for each of the four content categories. If the input contains content that is deemed to be inappropriate or harmful, the API returns an error message to the user.

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7.5K 117


Image Moderation V2

Content moderator detects objectionable or unwanted content across predefined content labels (e.g., adult, violence, spoof) or custom labels provided by the user. The model returns the confidence score (between 0 and 1) for each label present in a given image.It takes an image as input and predicts the confidence score of up to 15 prebuilt labels associated with the image.

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14.7K 841

Your Questions, Answered

Are you claiming to be always better than most AI models?

Every model has it's own advantages and disadvantages. We don't outperform across all tasks and certainly recommend it for broad applications like chatbots such as Claude or Bard, however we do excel in specialized areas like Content Generation, Image Generation, Content Analysis, Image Analysis, Speech Analysis, etc for which we have trained our models.

Our strength lies in fine-tuning for specific tasks and domains (like Insurance, Finance, Enterprise data, Law) or company-specific needs (like Customer Care Support, Code Assistant). Thus, we offer an optimized performance on these tailored tasks. We have trained our models to focus on specific Business and Professional tasks and thus we are able to deliver better results than most models.

What about data privacy? Will you use our data to fine tune your models?

We don't store your data not use it for any finetuning unless you are training custom models and adding files and data to the system. We do not use your commands to train any internal or custom models. Also, every organisation gets a dedicated workspace which is actually distributed into separate systems on our servers. This means no one can access your data unless they belong to your workspace or you share it with them. In short it's deployed in the private environments of our customers. The data used for inference and fine-tuning won't leave the environment.

Feel free to contact us and we'll help you out awith more details.

Who can use your product?

If you are building LLM or your AI based appications for your specific business and professional use cases, you will benefit from us.

I want to build more than one project. Is that allowed?

You can create multiple workspaces for an unlimited amount of projects, whether it's a personal website, a SaaS app, or a website for a client. As long as you are aware that all the Workspaces will be running on different billings and you can't share data between them, you can create as many as you want.

What does "free updates" include?

The free updates that will be provided is based on the roadmap that we have laid out for this project. It is also possible that we will provide extra updates outside of the roadmap as well.

What does the free version include?

The free version of WorqHat AI includes a self restoring Free Tier every month that resets itself at the beginning of every month. You can use this free tier to train models, run models, and use the API. The free tier has limited API Calls and you can read more about it on our Pricing Page.